Camicamirobot is a self taught artist working primarily out of Florida creating alternative or “lowbrow” art around the Tampa Bay Community. Their unique blend of morbid curiosity and a sea of blended colors haven’t really had a lot of effect on people, as they aren’t well advertised but kept nicely hidden in the depths of this domain.

FOR HIRE  :    If you are interested in working with me via commission, purchase of an existing work or print, or anything else feel free to write to camicamirobot@gmail.com

I will always respond.

SOCIAL MEDIA : Twitter / Facebook / Youtube / Flickr

This page was last updated 02/25/2017



  1. Keep on being honest and true friends will always be drawn to you.

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  2. You make your own destiny, and it seems to be vibrant and real. Keep loving and living. You do it so well.

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