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figuring out emotions

In this pretty art room, watching my cat roll around in a mess of off-white blankets and listening to Vashti Bunyan sing about feeling shy and I am looking back on the last 2 days, and the last 3 months that led to it. I learned a lot of lessons, I think we all did.…

God is Mathematics

I was talking to venus as a boy as I have been a lot lately and I’m really fascinated by him. His curiosity and enthusiasm and faith in himself and everyone and the entire world. Dark eyes dark hurt guttural screams feral thoughts perpetual smiles and unparalleled joy. I’m sitting here wondering to myself, “are…

oh dear

This is an excerpt on my status in life as of right now in conjunction with it’s ever evolving nature. I’m painting less, and trying to be domesticated. It’s pathetic and fascinating.