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Underwater photographs taken from the Gulf of Mexico with a friend. Sometimes you just need to get out in the wild, splash around and have a laugh. This weekend was that sometimes.  I took my waterproof camera with me and took some interesting half underwater photos.

It was such a beautiful day in the Gulf of Mexico.

Rachel Cooper is a hairstylist from Pasco county, Florida. To book her services, visit her website!

Photos Taken in June 2015.

well now

photography, photos

It’s just been


a strange year, this year.

I did my photoshoot with David Hilton on Saturday. I hope to see him post them all up in the next two weeks! I’ve never actually done modeling with someone that I was not initially a friend of and so I was completely out of my element. It went a good bit better than my DJ stint last week end but either way I am doing my heart a world of good the last few weeks and I look forward to things getting better. These are some of my favorite photos of the last couple of months. Things.