Young Buck Skull – black with gold flake


Black Young Buck Skull with Gold Flake Antler Detail—a mesmerizing fusion of nature and artistic elegance. The velvety black finish of the young buck skull exudes sophistication, providing a striking backdrop for the meticulously applied gold flake detailing on the antlers. Each antler is a masterpiece in itself, adorned with delicate golden flakes that catch…

SKU: painted-buck-skull-black


From the oddities collection! This young buck skull is ethically sourced, found while hiking in the forests of Northeast Florida in Putnam County.

Painted black with gold leaf, spray varnished. Have some but not all teeth. Top only.


I am trying something new by painting on bone and skull instead of canvas. This is a simple black over coat on a buck skull, but if you shoot me an email @ I’ll be happy to customize this for you with a name, flowers, stars, etc.



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