15 years of sunsets

A collection of sunsets, taken straight out of my life.

Flagler Beach, Florida USA 2023

I feel so BLESSED to be here with you on this planet. Not all planets are alike. As beautiful, in my opinion. You and I happen to share this fantastic planet named Earth. Our planet, our Earth- its beauty is absolutely divine.

It is so green in some places, and so red in others. Beaches, jungles, and deserts. Earth has tundra and oceans and so much to see and explore and appreciate. And I happen to spend a lot of my time in it. Being aware, sitting and just having a constant look at my beautiful planet and adoring it. Planting things, pulling weeds and composting. Basking like a lizard or a cat. Letting that sun fix me. When it comes to my Planet, I am still but a school child with a crush.

My invisible eye allows me to distort the beautiful reality with something else entirely. Some days, it is something light. Yet some other days it is something dark. Still this wonderful ability to have a creative vision which can be poured over reality like milk over a cup of coffee I appreciate and treat like a special gift.

Occasionally when I am having a stroll at the beach, I imagine it being painted with a psychedelic filter of colors and patterns. The ocean falling into itself and floating around in a ball or a triangle and collapsing in on itself over and over in tessellation.

This is a collection of sunsets I sat with over 15 years.

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