How to make your headache more tolerable in 5 steps

What to do when you have a migraine? I’ve asked google this question plenty of times looking for some advice outside of the usual. No silly ear piercings or magical quick fixes here. Headaches are difficult and they cannot always be solved quickly and easily. More often than not, you will have to simply existContinue reading “How to make your headache more tolerable in 5 steps”

The winter is flirting with me and I am not ready for her.

Not enough pants that I can layer, not enough money to pay heat bills, not enough boots or hot cocoa or fuzzy socks. But we’re getting there! A few weeks back, Boise suffered from the earliest freeze in 30 years and a few of my porch plants died. Oh well! I did manage to rescueContinue reading “The winter is flirting with me and I am not ready for her.”

A brief sum of the season

Our son is almost one year old. He is happy, grumpy, and gets what he wants. It’s like dealing with a very small, primal version of my husband, of whom has attitude and grump in abundance. Boise has been good to us this year. My mother came into town for 4 days in October andContinue reading “A brief sum of the season”

It’s October finally …

and here I am, on the couch with my laptop and a cup of good old southern sweet tea on the table. It’s the only time I can spare to catch up with writing. I have so much exciting news to share! After deciding working from home would not work with a little one, andContinue reading “It’s October finally …”

Early Humans in Idaho

I was recently reading an article about the oldest signs of life on the North American continent were found in Eastern Idaho over this past week. The artifacts found date human life here back about 16,000 years earlier than we previously had evidence of. It was an interesting read, and I am blessed to beContinue reading “Early Humans in Idaho”

I am just a cloud in the sky. I am just a passerby

That’s the tune I sing in my own head while I grocery shop with my family. We are calling out to each-other in the aisles like lost animals. Circling the entire store multiple times on our weekly hunt. Vegetables. Meat. Soups and cereal. We forgot cheese.

Stolen Indigenous Land

That’s what was spray-painted, huge letters that slightly leaned towards the left on a concrete outpost at the top of a scenic overlook called dead mans pass in Oregon. I got out of the outpost and climbed down, closer to the text. “So it is.”, I said to my companion. I wish it was notContinue reading “Stolen Indigenous Land”

Coffee at 4:00 pm on a Saturday evening

Evening coffee is almost a ritual for me at this point, and it’s been several years. Now, I appreciate it even more as I tiptoe my way through motherhood. My baby is asleep and I’m listening to doom metal and sipping my coffee and reading articles on and on how to make aContinue reading “Coffee at 4:00 pm on a Saturday evening”