And then we would write- my experiences growing up in the first generation of digital natives

I spend so much time thinking about it and I decided to model my internet life and my website as a massive memorial. I want you to be able to remember what kind of person I was when you read these posts. I am meek. I am nervous. I am trying.

Mothers on social media, and how the internet has changed family dynamics

We have a generation of babies right now that will likely emerge as adults in a world with internet. Babies with videos and images of themselves being assaulted by cheese, learning how to speak and walk. Babies growing up, throwing tantrums and asking questions all documented sometimes in its entirety on the internet.

Stripping away my identity, one day at a time

That’s what the past 6 months have felt like. My identity will replaced to the slavery of child rearing. My life will soon no longer revolve around me, only my own whims and desires. Soon, a brand new child will come into the world.  As a self-proclaimed wild-card, this is a bit much to accept. Continue reading Stripping away my identity, one day at a time

A son, shining in the hot summer sky

My son. It’s a nice finishing touch of a thought I’ve had since I found out. What else is there to discover? I have just about 4 months to go before I meet my son. What a nervous feeling this is. I wonder if you’ll identify with that, assigned gender, and I wonder if you’ll Continue reading A son, shining in the hot summer sky

Thunder Mountain Suicide

Frank Van Zant doesn’t sound like the name of a famous Native American. That’s because he wasn’t really a Native American. In reality, he was just a hippie. Living in the western US and taking road trips across the country like many Americans of his generation did. Zant was a WW2 veteran from Oklahoma and Continue reading Thunder Mountain Suicide

I suppose.. ( about my digital footprint)

 I suppose when you get to a certain age, you start realizing you’ve been putting efforts into the wrong things. For whatever reason, this week I read through all of my previous posts. The digital footprints I’ve littered across the internet. I’m too conscious to ever litter in the real world. This kind of litter, Continue reading I suppose.. ( about my digital footprint)

I drove from Central Florida to Central Oregon myself.

I was asked a lot while I was stopping at  interstate gas stations in the middle of nowhere. “You’re really alone? Thats awfully brave of you.” the clerk would say, knowing that I am obviously not from around there. Watching the landscape change and hearing the accents evolve simultaneously. It was fascinating, and as I Continue reading I drove from Central Florida to Central Oregon myself.