Goddess Energy

Today, right now in this moment and in this hour, I am channeling Goddess energy. I feel divine and important. I feel connected to the world. All of the other miracles made of flesh and full of complexity that live here with me. I feel hungry and yet willing to bathe together and eat soupContinue reading “Goddess Energy”

Staring contest (with the woman from my canvas)

My woman is staring back at me with golden specks in her brown eyes. My woman, of course, is the painting I’ve been working on today. It is something old and ugly, and maybe, I thought, I can make her beautiful today. So I gave her specks of gold and a few more defined strandsContinue reading “Staring contest (with the woman from my canvas)”

Early Humans in Idaho

I was recently reading an article about the oldest signs of life on the North American continent were found in Eastern Idaho over this past week. The artifacts found date human life here back about 16,000 years earlier than we previously had evidence of. It was an interesting read, and I am blessed to beContinue reading “Early Humans in Idaho”

Building a life out here in Boise, Idaho

I wanted to share some photos from my life over the last few months. I wanted to share the cute smirk and look on my son’s little baby face. We’ve gone on a lot of adventures together, make some art, taken many walks, laughed together, switched baby watching time so we could get breaks everyContinue reading “Building a life out here in Boise, Idaho”

I’ve slapped so much color on that thing that it might give anyone else a headache

and after all those brush strokes and finger dabs, I still don’t care for it. It’s Saturday. I started my new job one month ago this past week. It’s been an interesting ride so far, new jobs get more interesting with age. I am slowly getting to know a group of people that I wouldContinue reading “I’ve slapped so much color on that thing that it might give anyone else a headache”

I drove from Central Florida to Central Oregon myself.

I was asked a lot while I was stopping at  interstate gas stations in the middle of nowhere. “You’re really alone? Thats awfully brave of you.” the clerk would say, knowing that I am obviously not from around there. Watching the landscape change and hearing the accents evolve simultaneously. It was fascinating, and as IContinue reading “I drove from Central Florida to Central Oregon myself.”