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  • ChatGPT this, Bard that. This powerful new artificial intelligence writes poetry, generates compelling images of public figures, compiles learning paths, SEO checklists and so on etc. The list of things you can do with a well-crafted prompt continues growing in volume and impressiveness.

    I’m subscribed to the Superhuman newsletter by Zain Kahn for several months now and it’s clear that AI is evolving at unprecedented speed. This has been an absolute avalanche of technological ability and the implications it will have on the future of work are not well understood by anyone.

    AI is all over my Twitter feed and it has been for months. What does this do to the imprecise efforts of humans?

    As a growth marketer it excites me but as an artist, I am easily able to put on a different lens and feel a little bit uncomfortable. Just a little bit “whelmed”.

    I could never make a painting as beautiful as an Artificial Intelligence can.

    But I can make a painting more interesting…. right? I have these sloppy and chaotic abstract paintings. They are dark, complex, and highly emotional. An AI could never feel stressed out enough to even consider generating something comparable. It’s artwork that is distinctly relatable to the trauma-affected humans of the world.

    Please, reassure me that AI cannot form emotional connections with humans. Regretfully, I already know that they most certainly already do. Women are addicted to using AI to “improve” or experiment with physical appearance. Men are in love with chatbots. When one company removed the sexual and romantic programming, there was a lot of pushback. Suicidal ideation, even!

    I’m OK with being outsmarted by an AI at this point. I refuse to accept being out empathic, though. Being out emotional. Being less relatable than a chatbot.

    I’ll always be a better human than an AI. I’m the humanest human I know. Camicamirobot was made up for my complete lack of robotic efficiency, it’s just a joke.

    I can’t paint hands well, after many years of vaguely practicing them. Unlike an AI, sometimes I just cannot learn.

    I can’t draw hands right now, and neither can Artificial Intelligence.

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