Like a leaf. Like a cocktail. Like a earthquake. Like a human with unhealed trauma. I painted this recently and gave it away. Bless you. Hope you are doing the universe’s bidding and finding joy wherever it hides. Stay strong.

Overchoice and the intentional division in America

I have no less than 6 drafts in my WordPress backlog that never made it past 2 sentences. Just different thoughts, headed nowhere fast, ready to use up a small little piece of data. I am trying again tonight. A lot has happened. In the world, in my world, in my country (America). Overchoice or choice overloadContinue reading “Overchoice and the intentional division in America”

Time only has meaning on Earth

That’s a recurring theme of the NDE’s I’ve been reading over the last few weeks at the Near Death Experience Research Foundation. Your soul, spirit, etc floats above your physical body and time seems meaningless while your awareness is fully realized. The calmness, dark tunnel and the white light at the end. That part isContinue reading “Time only has meaning on Earth”

A crumb of justice, two months overdue. Ahmaud Arbery & criminal justice reform rant

I am a citizen disgusted, of the United States of America. In case you are not, and unfamiliar with news in this country, there has been a racial divide :forever: and it has left us damaged and divided for as long as America broke free from the reigns of Great Britain. He was gunned downContinue reading “A crumb of justice, two months overdue. Ahmaud Arbery & criminal justice reform rant”

Self-care tips during extended lockdowns

These are unprecedented times that we are all living in and many people right now are struggling with their mental health, myself included. The collective anxiety we are feeling is real and warranted as we are managing this pandemic through social distancing measures. Many readers have been quarantined for weeks at this point, some forContinue reading “Self-care tips during extended lockdowns”