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  • It’s been a busy summer, but I have the brush in my hand on occasion still so I wanted to post a brief update. 😊

    This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. It is quite large, which is noteworthy as I’ve been mostly working on smaller, more affordable pieces for the last 8 months.

    Festival & farmers market season is upon us is here in sunny Florida. I’ve been working on creating stock! Last year, I was able to sell a few pieces to the wonderful folks of Crescent City during the Art Walk event. This year, I am hoping to produce enough art to get involved in the farmers market and the art walk.

    It isn’t confirmed, but I am seriously hoping another art walk event is put together this year 🤞

    Here’s some more of my smaller works:

    Highly textured and sad, just like me some days. I hope you’ve been doing well! 🙂

    P.S. I am SO proud of my sister for sharing her journey through addiction over at death-becomes-her. Please give her story a read if you have the time/desire. It is chilling, dramatic, and intense. It will make you cry and have you feeling like a vulnerable human again in a world which demands we all remain stoic and firm at all times. Live a little, cry a little, and please support her on this difficult journey.

    With love,


  • It’s a nice word, isn’t it? Undulation. That’s what I do when it’s time to pretend a painting has a title, I just draw a nice word out of my mental nice word bank and call it a day. For someone whose been doing this for literally decades, my system is so flimsy it falls right through my fingers. Like sand, or water.

    the action of moving smoothly up and down:
    “the soft undulation of the waves animates the scene”
    a smoothly rising and falling form, outline, or movement:
    “the road follows the undulations of the countryside”

    This is my latest painting that I am done working on. Finished, Completed. Varnished and tucked away under my bed waiting for a buyer. Do you like it? You can find it uploaded on the gallery page and posted around social media.

    I’m trying not to pick it apart and put it through some more paint. From the texture from the endless layers of acrylic I’ve put over it but somehow, I managed to miss the off-putting brown surrounding the mouth and there could be more details because the texture is inconsistent and blah blah blah.

    Considerations of undulation as a title came about due to the waves of satisfaction / dissatisfaction I keep fighting with. Up and down, rising and falling, my own personal undulation of appreciation.

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