Animated Gifs have been around since 1987. According to Alexander Trevorfirst GIF was a picture of a plane. I didn’t create any .gifs of airplanes in this collection, they are actually animations created from nice real life moments where I felt love of some sort. The might be a little small, but that’s okay! You can click on them enlarge 🙂  Last updated: 6/28/2017.

Many of these are created from real world beauty from around the gorgeous state of Florida. Some of featuring myself modeling, or are distorted data animations I made from my own art. As of 6/30/2017, I’m located in the pacific Northwest and there will be a separate gallery of animations created from this locale. Looking to create your own animated gifs? Check out this guide! 

Enjoy, and feel free to remix / repurpose / repost and credit to #camicamirobot ;D

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