Is there a recipe for de-programming?

People, I mean. Fragile, complex, malleable, sensitive human beings. It’s the year 2021 and propaganda is more efficient than it ever has been in the entire history of the world AFAIK. I’m no sociologist, just a human on Earth right now in the United States. Reading the news, constantly. Republican senators colluding with Trumpers, QAnon,Continue reading “Is there a recipe for de-programming?”

Celestial Gift Jupiter + Saturn Conjunction due December 21st, 2020

For over a thousand years, humans have known that Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the sky. We have been unraveling the layers of information about the celestial event like a complex onion. The event, it has been discovered, occurs every 20 years and in the sky visible to human, every 800 years. Their next greatContinue reading “Celestial Gift Jupiter + Saturn Conjunction due December 21st, 2020”

The tunnel, the portal, the distance, the light.

These are the stories of dying. I read them all the time at NDERF.ORG. Here is my perspective / summary. When your physical body dies, “you” are evacuated from it. This is some kind of a version of reality I accepted for myself a very long time ago. I think it is an improvement, becauseContinue reading “The tunnel, the portal, the distance, the light.”

Goddess Energy

Today, right now in this moment and in this hour, I am channeling Goddess energy. I feel divine and important. I feel connected to the world. All of the other miracles made of flesh and full of complexity that live here with me. I feel hungry and yet willing to bathe together and eat soupContinue reading “Goddess Energy”