Actias luna at 2:00pm in October 🌙

I can’t explain how blessed I feel to have spotted a luna moth in person at 2:00pm in early October.

These moths are of course typically nocturnal, have a lifespan of 7 days and are most active in the early summer.

What a specific set of circumstances to be extenuating for me to have seen it when I did. The Luna Moth holds cultural significance for many people. They symbolize renewal, transformation, and the ephemeral nature of life. Seeing this large and beautiful lime green moth in the trees along the Weeki Wachee was a magical moment for me. For others, it might have looked more like an amateur kayaker getting stuck in trees 😂. Here’s what they didn’t get to see from 12 feet away:

The springs has always been a favorite place of mine. And as I move through raising another tiny swamp appreciator, I find myself going back and having a renewed adoration for the river. Crystal clear and constantly cold waters, filled with fish, gators, birds, and bugs. Bursting with life. This is a place of joy.

I am grateful to be in Florida for now. Years ago, I yearned to leave.

Naturally, we humans are inclined a little bit to go out and see beyond what we are used to. Lord knows I tried the desert; my heart isn’t in it. And how I dislike being the only thing with a heartbeat for miles and miles besides the scorpions and snakes that I know are hiding from me and seeking shade. And I tried the mountains, where I loved to be as long as the weather is right. Being cold, man, those harsh winters are rough.

This is my heart. The springs, the beach, the birds that sing to me at 3:18 AM. The owls and cypress trees and gators and bass. Butterflies and bees, the azaelias and catfish. I came back for now. And will I stay out here for long, I don’t know but for now- this is home again. My heart.