🦴<3 to my local forested alley filled endlessly with bones

There’s this narrow-forested path tucked in an alley in my neighborhood that I love. There’s usually all sorts of different mandibles, teeth and fur lined bones. They are littered on the ground below layers of pine needles and other leaves, palm fronds and sand that make up the earthy grounds. This mishmash of biological materials hides little gifts for me such as a jaw, teeth, or the occasional skull.

And so, I walk, picking them up, cleaning them, and give each little bone a peroxide bath and make a little something out of them.


This is “old florida” my fave trail for foraging racoon jaws or deer 😀😌

♬ original sound – Camicamirobot

I added seashells, dehydrated star fish and moss. Faux pearls and small twigs, and I’m not sure but I guess I’d like to fill it all the way up. It’s a work in progress for now but it’s been a lot of fun. I’m going to take my time with this and wait for perfection to arrive before listing it on my store. ❤️

I found 8-year-old moss, some snail shells and other gifts from the Earth and applied them to some gorgeous wood. The Hercules beetle was huge! I was not expecting to find her behind a dumpy abandoned convenience store. I’m going to name her pottery and place her in a resin. I love a home with filled with little gifts of nature. Creating a collage of earthly things.


I have been painting in the last few weeks as well and I am so excited to share what I’m working on. Textures! BIG brushes (and tiny brushes!) Until next time,


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