A trip to Lisbon & my forever artist block

But I’m just not feeling it yet and its already visually so busy and chaotic. The big head small body, glow in the dark, little moon and twig vein hair. Shadows and tones, pinks and blues. All sclera no retina no pupil, extra-terrestrial, vivid.

I should give up, I’m so tired of being awake looking at it.

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I keep touching it. Sitting with the textures and feelings it invokes. And I guess I will have to continue to do so. Outside, it’s warm so I’m staying inside. Until it’s time to start the grill, butter the corn and do my daily basking in the sun. But then I saw the sky, rain pending with the heavy sheet of clouds.


Clouds and airplane landscapes above Portugal MUTE THIS ISH

Clouds, I’ve seen a lot of them lately. I went to Lisbon for a few short days, and I enjoyed it immensely. What a shame it is that I didn’t film a Wes Anderson style short video exploring the city in a whimsical type of way. I just don’t have time for that kind of shenanigans anymore, in spite of the city’s epic beauty.

A gothic paradise: Santa Maria de Belem Church, Lisbon, Portugal

Carved castles, lots of crowds of people laughing, walking, exploring, existing. The vehicles all truly getting in where they fit in.

Buildings coated with tile, a standard in many European countries and something I’d like to experiment with on my own home one day.

The week was joyous and invigorating. Delicious pastries, sweet faces and music all over the place. In the streets and cafes and eateries. The ancient city of the mountains.

After my flight was cancelled, I had to find alternative accommodation for an extra night and ended up with an hour’s long layover in south Florida that I wasn’t expecting.

I tried to minimize my stress and freely entertain everything the universe had planned for me.

The Miami International Airport became my HQ for a few hours, and it was nice to explore. There is a renewed appreciation for Florida and its unique charm as I observed people touring there and got to second hand experience their joy of exploring a new and interesting place.

Now that I’m back home, my garden is taking off, but my brain won’t come up with anything new. Carrots are bushy as hell and I’m empty and tired. Marigolds, zinnias and snapdragons but nothing floating around in my heart.

I’m constantly surrounded by better artists and better art on social media and somehow, I can’t turn this exposure into my own creativity.

I used to feel lit up with creative power after 20 minutes of looking at other peoples art

Why the hell not? I’m living life, I’m exploring, I’m doing things! I’m afraid forcing it and this will end up having devastating effects on the handful of pieces I’ve been working on lately.