Sold Paintings that feel more like an abandoned ghost.

A gentleman in Idaho bought this painting from me 4 years ago, back in 2019. I couldn’t tell you his name, but I remember that he was very fast paced with curly dark hair, and he had a car dealership. He told me I should focus on bigger paintings. “They would be easier to sell.”, He said. Ever since this interaction, I’ve focused more on larger canvases.

  • A woman's meditation with God. Incomplete psychedelia modern contemporary art.

I also committed to more detail and less low time investment / stress paintings.

Sometimes I think about paintings I have sold to people and fully recognize their obvious incompletion. I daydream about being able to have them back to finally finish and then return to whatever wall or Goodwill had them.

I feel like I’ve produced a bunch of ghosts.

This is my current thought process, and it is the reason you may have noticed I completely swept up the art that I have kept on this website. Now the website itself feels so empty and pointless.

I suppose I am going through some sort of a conflict about it. Someone was willing to spend money on this painting, no matter how many years ago. Just because I’ve suddenly become so moody and hyper critical, does that really mean that another person’s enjoyment is invalid?

Only a few short years later and looks so obviously incomplete to me now. It looks like I don’t care. I guess this is what it means to grow old, to desire more intent and focus to be evident in the things that come from my hands.

I don’t feel proud enough of my art, and that’s become a problem.

If you are reading this, and you have and /or purchased a painting from me please email me a photo of it. Let me look at it, I have such a huge army of ghosts out there. I woke up today wanting nothing more than to chase them.

Happy March 5th, 2023. I hope you are doing OK.