A blank primed canvas stares at me from across the room

Every day, for months, until years go by. I can count the time I get to spend alone with my thoughts on both hands, within a year. Sitting and thinking and dancing with candle smoke seems like a lifetime ago, and I suppose it could be indeed a lifetime ago. One young lifetime ago, I wouldn’t arrive where I am in even the wildest of my dreams. It just makes me wonder what lies in the next lifetime duration within my own life? What about in 8 years, for me just a fraction of my life, but for someone else every experience they’ve ever had contained in that short little window. Time. Time.

I have so many drafts started, so many fucking world events that would have been described as “once in a lifetime” it we all weren’t so damn exhausted of the trope by now that in reality its just a Thursday. Room temperature green tea in a kitty cat mug, it’s snowing outside. One last flurry of weak snow that isn’t enough to stick to the ground but is enough to keep me inside.

I should be pouring all my energy into exercise, or education, staying the hell off Reddit dot com. Away from the digital attention traps. Into the moment. God be with us all as we step into Spring, and step into war. It feels to me, like it will be a global issue and things will not be good for a while, not for this decade. Not for a very long time. My heart is with you, Ukraine.

I’ve been staying up late instead, refreshing Twitter to understand what has been captured and around when.

🛸 🌎 ° 🌓 • .°• 🚀 ✯ ★ * ° 🛰 °· 🪐 . • ° ★ • ☄ ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃▁▂

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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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