Sunday, September 26th

It’s a warm day today. I have spent much of it inside, just like the last week and some change while covid-19 runs through my body. Self isolating, even though covid has been making it’s way through the neighborhood regardless. It does what it wants. My body doesn’t like the lack of movement. I’m operating with an energy deficiency. It seems like the virus is affecting everyone in a unique and different way. I felt sick for 2 days, but it wasn’t comparable to the worst viral infection I’ve ever had. I feel lazy, and neglectful of my physical body. I always do. I want to challenge by body and my mind and be fit but I never get very far into it.

And then we got sick, so I have to let my body rest even though the sun is shining bright and the day seems so inviting. I don’t want to breathe too close to anybody else’s space, so I am pacing around as much as I can stand within the confines of our small apartment.

Just a light cough and a little bit of an energy deficiency but I’m being patient with the virus and with my body. Drinking nice, cool water while I still can. I’ve moved some paint around on an old canvas, and re-charged my batteries. I’ve got donation piles and drop off bags for the thrift. Window shopped through the computer monitor on zillow for affordable homes in the middle of where in the southeast. Scrolled reddit and twitter until my brain cells ask me to stop for a while, please.

Listen for birds and check on my sweet snow peas. I am starting to get blooms and they are so beautiful. It feels like summer still. The mornings are cool and the city takes its time warming up in the afternoon. The colors of the trees are changing, all at once, and falling to the ground. More biomatter that will be wind blown to the corners of the property. nothing continues making any sense at all.

Published by Camicamirobot

Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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