Current events exhausting my soul currently

Trying to write a few times for the last several Months, it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Young human of my own creation, sounding out words, reaching for objects, new activities. A constantly learning new brain. My coffee has already cooled below room temp, I have candles lit. It’s candle season. The morning block of the day is quite cool this past week.

I want to maintain and strengthen my connection to the Earth. The flame flickers, and so do I. What about lately, then, what about Planet Earth?

  • Afghanistan continues to dissolve in the hands of the Taliban. America pulled our troops out and left the citizens, translators, women and children to have their fates decided by the most extreme examples of evil from that region of the world. I have some people to communicate with from that area for years now over social media, and finally, after many years of waiting have arrived in America. With great luck. I hope not but do anticipate xenophobia and racism becoming a brand new layer of stress that the refugees will have to adapt to after arriving in North America.

It gets soul exhausting so fast, dizzy dizzy while I try so hard to be a simple human, kindness and love, its dizzying to see so much. So don’t forget to clock out and pay attention to every single part of you. Your mind, your cells, your skin, organs, lifestyle. Take more steps. It was after months of having this step tracker that I managed to surpass the recommended daily 10,000 steps. How sedentary we are, how relentlessly cruel we are to ourselves. Be good to you & care about the world.

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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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