Here we are

Here we are in time, this moment unforgiving. A culmination of hundreds of years, repercussions of the shortsightedness of my ancestors. Who is reading this, anyway? I feel disappointed in yall. I feel disappointed and lied to. You raised me into adulthood in the best ways that you could, lied to me, that we lived in a post-racial society. It eventually becomes obvious when there is a new name every.. single.. year. For my entire life.

And the planet was always struggling, we are catching up to the emissions of our great grand fathers and it will only get worse as my life and my son’s life move onward, towards the heat. Onwards towards the future- which brings with it what? I have always had a nagging feeling that something specific will happen. A prophesy, a tugging stomach ache, a nightmarish domino effect of repercussions outdated hate that never left our Earth.

Will it come true the way it does in my nightmares for a decade+ of my life?

Will national division in the U.S.A sow international tensions with a powerful Asian nation by the 2030’s?

For how long will people be getting sick and continue to pass from pandemic related illness?

Just how frequent will these extreme weather events continue to take place? We have yet to see a break. I haven’t sat down to write in a while because I have still been processing a lot of things. It is a lot, and I can’t ignore any details about it. The freeze in Texas, the Wildfires in Oregon.

The ice sheets at the poles are melting at extreme rates, survivability of many species are doomed. The rainforests in the Amazon release more carbon than they are absorbing due to logging.

Locally, in the Mountain Northwest USA, the aquifers are running dry. Lakes are emptying, many reservoirs are at or under 33% capacity.

And how frustrating is it that I continue to see every single week, sprinklers on , wetting xeriscape. Lawn irrigation, at the same time emission producing machines arrive every week to cut the grasses.

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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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