progress, not a peak

There’s a lot of ugliness involved in being a human. “Where’s the humanity?” a modern human might ask in the comments after an article, a media propaganda, well designed piece of information shared into the vastly interconnected internet for all to read and see and know. Things were, for humans of Earth, always chaotic, fueled by hatred over understanding. That is what, historically I guess defines humanity.

So just don’t ask that question, it feels silly, humanity is at it’s very best right now and is still not peaked. We have a long way to go, brothers and sisters of the world. There are more good people than bad, so why is it that the bad people continue to claim and rest on their power?

My dichotomy, disappointed and proud. Earthly traits. Here is a painting I have decided I am done working on it. It seeks a new home.

My home, my heart, it’s growing. We are growing together, at our own pace, in our own space. I pursue a new dialogue, an understanding, because the more barriers, borders and differences are explored and sometimes removes, the better our future will be. An evolution, a dance with time, we will get better yet.

Published by Camicamirobot

Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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