On Earth right now for a reason

You are. We are. I am. And trust me, I know that it is hard to be here right now but we need to trust the process. Propaganda is more effective, more personal, more likely to radicalize than ever before with the guiding hand of technology. Facebook is the ultimate propaganda machine, and has been used to organize and radicalize groups like III%’s, Qanon, etc. especially over the last ten years.

There is a segment of society that reacted to the election of Barack Obama in the United States and they elected the most vile motherfucker on Earth to “run” this country for the past four years, into a disheveled mess. But really, what did Donald Trump do? He threw water on Amerikkka and let the makeup rinse off, revealing the true ugliness that was always here.

The stories have been the same when told through the mouths of the abused. It was 2006 when the FBI released a memo disclosing the growing threat of white supremacists infiltrating police forces around the USA.

And yet, nothing changes. More news articles outlining cases of abuse and murder, no effort to form solutions for a more just world. That’s not my story to tell.

We are on Earth right now to care deeply for each other. To be strong and intolerant of hatred, on the individual and systemic level. To shut down the concepts of judgement and hate around the world, foster a connection and explore our shared humanity through the great effort of saving the world we all live on together.

This requires communication, compassion, strength, and focus as most all of us are volatile and constantly being manipulated into any which way by those who oppress us all: the extremely wealthy of whom profit from the continued exploitation of Earth.

Published by Camicamirobot

Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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