Is there a recipe for de-programming?

People, I mean. Fragile, complex, malleable, sensitive human beings. It’s the year 2021 and propaganda is more efficient than it ever has been in the entire history of the world AFAIK. I’m no sociologist, just a human on Earth right now in the United States.

Reading the news, constantly. Republican senators colluding with Trumpers, QAnon, other far right extremists. Providing tours to them ahead of Insurrection Day. Now planning to on private communication channels. Colorado Politician Lauren Boebart is using Twitter to locate the location of key Democrats ( Nancy Pelosi) during the siege, publicly assisting the domestic terrorists.

The entire fabric of the United States Government has been infested with traitors, using an army of brainwashed people that have fallen victim to hyper-targeted propaganda for over a decade in many cases. Facebook has been around since 2004.

That is, at max, 14 years of personal data that has been used for ad targeting. This unique technology has been evolving and collecting more and more data about who each of us individual human beings and using that data in ad tech for a long time. The ability to use Facebook for ad creation has largely been available to anyone, including nefarious power hungry leaders as we can admit so easily this year.

The internet, in the grand scheme of things, is still fairly brand new for humanity and while it has provided the world with much growth, greater access to knowledge, etc it is a hyper effective machine that is able to market hatred. How can we use this technology to improve humanity?

Will the people end this presidency and what led to it by means of a complex process of healing and communication? In the meantime, we must also organize, protect each other and survive.

There is a pandemic, and an aspiring dictator, and continued Racial violence. White Supremacists have infiltrated every aspect of life here and have crawled into various positions of influence.

Dox the cops, tell your stories, record everything on your cellphone and host it in the cloud. Crowdfund the relocation of unsafe minorities. Do the math: How many people voting for Trump in your community? How many liberal-leaning families need to move to the area to influence the voting outcomes outside of the favor of this evil man?

Invest in mutual aid. Do the labor, do what you can. What I have I will give to you. Choose to love and protect. 2020, in preparation of 2021. Protect yourselves. Sending love.

Published by Camicamirobot

Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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