Celestial Gift Jupiter + Saturn Conjunction due December 21st, 2020

For over a thousand years, humans have known that Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the sky. We have been unraveling the layers of information about the celestial event like a complex onion. The event, it has been discovered, occurs every 20 years and in the sky visible to human, every 800 years.

Their next great conjunction will happen on December 21, 2020—this week!

It will be the closest great conjunction since July 16, 1623 and the first to be easily observable from our Earthly location since March 4, 1226.

Artist Unknown / The Bethlehem Star

A beautiful moment in the sky is a beautiful moment in the sky and I hope you will find time to head out and look up. Tell me about it. Will it comfort you? Do you feel peaceful, content, small, insignificant, connected?

That’s always how it makes me feel. I hope to share the occasion with a lovely friend. Don’t forget to bring your blankets. We’ve got 4 days or so, depending on where you are in the world.


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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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