Goddess Energy

Today, right now in this moment and in this hour, I am channeling Goddess energy. I feel divine and important. I feel connected to the world. All of the other miracles made of flesh and full of complexity that live here with me.

I feel hungry and yet willing to bathe together and eat soup and be poor in exchange for a memory I’m not ashamed of: loveliness and fun! Tea and painting. Does that even make sense to anyone else but me? Oh who knows. I don’t know.

Indoor activities, and long socially distant walks. Layers and layers of sweaters. Chilly breeze. Rain, sleet, and then snow.

I’ve been making strokes of paint on a few pieces recently, with some graduating to a state of completion. Never any names, untitled, and done. Here it is, my painting. I hope you think it is fun! I’ have updated on my :artwork: page as well.

psychedelic painting trippy goddess universal love

Took about a year and some change but I feel we have finally reached a point where I won’t be adding anymore strokes of paint to you. My child kept looking down the back of the couch, and I didn’t know what he was looking at. I went to look behind the couch with him and all that I saw was you, old canvas. Desperate for attention I guess. I pulled you out from behind the couch and set you on my easel.

me and my painting

We made some late evening coffee and danced all night (until 11:00pm when I could not stand to be awake, not for one more minute. Oh what it is to age.)

Now I’ll hang you up or post you for sale and wait for you to whisper sweet something to a stranger, lure yourself a new home. Whatever seems fit.

On another note, next week, my son turns 2. Oh how ecstatic we are. How loving and pure and human this little one is. Full of hugs, smiles, and joy. Mama now, an immovable force. Look at us together, ahh. Happy Birthday, next week, human. Into skating, painting and food. You love to hug my legs and help me clean and do chores around our home.

We say the alphabet and laugh at the cats + laser. You give me help with my art and love playing with instruments. You share your grandfathers birthday and blue eyes and blonde hair but I won’t hold it to ya, kiddo. I love you eternally. We are here with great purpose, and I can’t wait to see who you become.

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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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