About 8 abandoned drafts

Written since June. It’s been a rough year, hard for me to think, write, create, exist. And that’s OK. I forgive myself for it. Today, I woke up quite early, with the dark sky still hanging around outside. Having coffee with my husband before he’s off to work. Some shared time while the child sleeps.

All of the drafts saved in my WordPress queue are a quick thought, just a sentence. Some lingering stressed out rant about the growing pains of society. Mental and physical cramps felt in specific spots within my endless puzzle of intestines. Ow. A complimentary flash of migraine, thanks to my own body and it’s presence on earth right now.

Trumpism and corruption. Greed Over People. The same chants since 2012, the same concepts since the dawn of history I can imagine. Hate crimes. Progressive infighting. It’s all so dizzying and I feel exhausted just existing. Did anybody ever come up with a way to deprogram hate? Is it a battle with a tangible outcome? Meanwhile the topic of carbon removal is the new focus, and mega-rich Jeff Bezos just donated some sums some billions of dollars into environmental sciences and climate change focused tech.

Have something warm to drink, it’s cold outside. Speak love into somebody misguided to hate. Do the mutual aid things. Protect children and stay strong for them. Your continued joy is an act of rebellion. Be happy. Pick up litter. I send you blessings from the source of which we are both a part of.


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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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