Late night / Early morning

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I made it. 31. I feel confident, for a change. The first time? Up for debate. I feel comfortable, not confident. I guess there’s a difference to distinguish. And so, at 5:30am after kissing my partner goodbye. That’s my powerful human body.

I lit 12 candles across the kitchen table. 4 Incense sticks. Set my camera on auto-timer and took a seat. This is me. If I die soon, who cares. I don’t care. Take me back whenever, universe. Just make sure my son is taken care of and that I love him eternally.

What a shitshow this year has been for everyone. How calm and chaotic it has been for me, personally. I want to buy stamps and write more letters but my hand cramps up and I never feel my words are worthy of the cost of a stamp. I should fix my attitude and my car and just go get stamps.

I haven’t had my own “job” since October, when I quit, again. I have exactly enough energy to raise my child. No more, no less. And so I left. This gives me a lot more time and energy to do things that matter more and it has become evident that that includes trying to be a better friend and there for individual human beings.

More on that later. I am going to get another glass of water.

Stay Hydrated & Fight for Justice 🙂

These headlines are killing me

Posts tagged as "artists" from the blog

September. September. This is my season, my month. Fall. The heat takes longer to permeate the air. It feels like hell on Earth. It feels like spiritual warfare. The energy is so thick on this planet that it makes me sweat or cool down the moment I recieve a bit of informations. What kind of a program is this?

28th Soldier to die at Fort Hood, Tx in the USA.

U.S President Donald Trump disparaged US war dead as ‘losers,’ ‘suckers’.

Unarmed Black Man shot dead by cop in _____, USA. Every single week. Nobody can even catch their breath.

Fill in the blank. Outrage, heart beats faster, some kind of ingorant hateful comments coming from somewhere. Someone’s tar woven heart.

Unidentifiable State Agents Kidnap Protestors off the Streets. Secret Police.

Fascism in the United States of America. Our elected bad guy, says vote twice (for him).

The pandemic feels like a year ago, 180,000 COVID-19-related deaths in the U.S. People are going hungry. Getting angry. What do we need, now more than ever?


Posts tagged as "artists" from the blog

It is 2020 and this year, everyone is louder. I don’t know where or when the agreement was constructed and signed, I must have missed the private ceremony.

If you hate, you hate louder.

If you love, you love louder.

If you are ignorant, you are ignorant louder.

If you kill, you do it louder.

Asking nicely hasn’t worked in 400 years. History has been speaking back to me, telling me in my heart and gut and soul.. that shit has not hit the fan yet. And it will. Please try to check in with me. I love you. Be safe.