Overchoice and the intentional division in America

I have no less than 6 drafts in my WordPress backlog that never made it past 2 sentences. Just different thoughts, headed nowhere fast, ready to use up a small little piece of data.

I am trying again tonight. A lot has happened. In the world, in my world, in my country (America).

Overchoice or choice overload is a cognitive impairment in which people have a difficult time making a decision when faced with too many options. I remember the concept from Alvin Toffler in his 1970 book, Future Shock.

I recognize it every day on my social media feeds and the broader internet. There’s so many awful things to be concerned about. The memes say it all. This is ALL I care about! Because racism, covid-19, climate change, pedophilia, human trafficking, is an issue, nothing else matters. Create more problems, fluster your society, control the narrative, we are powerless.

In marketing, we use a very specific call-to-action that directs the lead to move forward in a funnel. To avoid confusing people with overchoice. The amount and gravity of things going on right now is intentional and citizens are flabbergasted and emotionally worn out.

BlackLivesMatter, AllLivesMatter, a divisive semantic game used to create false enemies while the police state blooms and state sanctioned murder is being justified by people whose entire lives have been designed to make them believe it is normal.

I haven’t done much that I consider to be useful in my heart and it tears at me. I haven’t made anything but headaches and dinner for the last few weeks. My heart feels connected to other empathetic hearts and together we are weeping.

Stay strong everybody.

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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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