And then we would write- my experiences growing up in the first generation of digital natives

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I got married in January. We went to the court house and signed paperwork and we were carrying our baby in his carseat and I was wearing ripped up old jeans. It was a little awkward, as am I. We’ve been together since September 2017, and I notice some big differences. I’m so used to living alone, so I really did this too quickly and the adjustment period has been interesting. Now, not only do I have another adult human to live with, but a baby human.

I like to write. It’s why I started this blog so many years ago. I know that no one I know in my real life actually reads it, but for me it’s just as useful as a session with a therapist. I’m kissing it all on the forehead. Goodnight, anxiety. See you next time.

He does not write. He does not read. No social media. He does watch a lot of videos on Youtube, but otherwise does not spend any time entertaining what I like to call the Intrusive internet.

I cant even imagine not having the urge to write. I feel like we are both considered digital natives (born 1989 and 1990) but my experiences must have been much different from that of our peers growing up. I had websites from such a young age, and continued to maintain various websites and blogs into my adulthood, I know that my siblings both did as well, at least at various points. My friends would write, and I just assumed the whole world did.

At first it would be angelfire, or AOL pages. Yahoo had a webpage hosting service as well that I had used. For me, this was an incredible outlet to show the world my art.

Illustration from age 16 on one of my first websites
Illustration from age 16 on one of my first websites

I could tinker and write code and make a home on this cyber planet.

I could have all of the pieces of digital furniture that my heart desired. I could write and write and share my art, my videos, my poems and ideas and life. And maybe one day someone would care. It wasn’t until years later, when I was in my early twenties that I thought about how this trend of digital lives being the norm is shaping the way people die.

I spend so much time thinking about it and I decided to model my internet life and my website as a massive memorial. I want you to be able to remember what kind of person I was when you read these posts. I am meek. I am nervous. I am trying.

And I like to write.

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3 thoughts on “And then we would write- my experiences growing up in the first generation of digital natives

  1. Oi! I read your blog! I’m in your real life! Enough of this this uncalled for historical revisionism! ;P

    Also, its so weird how radically different people of our age group could grow up tech wise, not just across class lines but even within the working classes. I totally missed an early internet childhood. I didn’t immigrate to the internet until after we met late highschool.

    Anywho, I know I don’t comment a lot but I love that you have been posting so much and enjoy reading them. Love you girly, keep it up! ❤


    1. Love youuuu ❤ thank you so much! I really want to update enough this year to build an audience so I’ll be more motivated to make and sell prints. Every time i see my traffic go up I get excited :p One day at a time!

      I was thinking about you too when I was writing this, like technically you were a part of that generation but at the same time your childhood was more akin to someone who was a child in the late 80s lol


  2. I agree about writing out of a need and desire. You inspired me to start writing about my life, something I once did in pen and paper journals. Being read is not the goal. Being able to share is my goal. Thanks for sharing with me, and reading my thoughts, too. ❤️


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