Some Art that I have loved for 10 years+

Art helps you thrive. I can remember being a young teenager and falling deeply down a rabbit hole of truly wild art. Think Japanese Guro, a sub unit of manga that features extreme gore. I remember Shintaro Kago, one of my favorite artists to this day. Trevor Brown, of course. I have both of their art hanging up in my apartment. I also have works by the lovely Junko Mizuno, mostly gig flyers for some bands I love like the Melvins and Swans. Hikari Shimoda also graces my walls, I am so in love with the style.

For decades. This is a throwback to those that have inspired me the most through the years. Thank you ❤

Shintaro Kago: The Guro Artist

Trevor Brown

Junko Mizuno

Hikari Shimoda

They all have such a unique style that explores innocence and childhood in ways that have resonated with me throughout the years. I hope you take the time to dive further into their bodies of work. If you’ve been struggling to find new art to help you replenish your soul, digging into the internet to find some comfort could be just what you need. It works for me every time, anyways.

I always loved them. There’s a few more, such as:

  • Francesca Woodman
  • Francis Bacon
  • Mari Chan
  • Toshio Saeki
  • Tama
  • Takato Yamamoto

Explore them, and you just might find something new and interesting that brings you a renewed appreciate for life. It’s hard to find for me lately outside of creating my own art, when my mind and body feel stagnant and tired and the world around me is spinning on it’s left nut.

Wish me luck, internet, this week I am trying really hard to thrive. The universe might not want me to, but I am trying anyways and I know my favorite artists are here to help me.

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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

3 thoughts on “Some Art that I have loved for 10 years+

  1. Camille, I know you have often stated that you don’t know if anyone is reading your posts. I may not be anyone important, but wanted you to know for years I have looked forward to reading/ hearing anything posted from you. The eloquent way you put your heart & soul onto the page is magical & moving, it leaves the reader wanting more & always makes my day to read your entries. It always makes me want to be with you in person so we could have a discussion because you bring out such sweet, sensitive, empathetic & raw material & you’re authentic & grounded. You could write a book, I’m sure others would enjoy reading your work as well because you’re very talented. As a therapist, I totally agree with you that writing is very therapeutic,as well as sharing your writings & other artistic works you create ❣️ maybe you’ll make some short film/video or write a children’s book & so the art too! There’s no limit to what you can do. I know I will be eager to see what’s next from the beautiful star that you are 🌟 😘💜


    1. Your support throughout the years is a lot of why I still keep up with painting. Thank you so much for everything ❤


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