Where am I going, and where have I been?

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London, United Kingdom for one week in January 2017. The Startup I have been working with for 2  years and 9 months got acquired and to celebrate, we took off to London. I met my colleagues for the first time and celebrated a truly incredible accomplishment that served as a testament to everyones hard work.

Hendersonville, North Carolina To visit my sweet mom and her partner Doug in a cottage placed in the woods. Tranquility and poor internet quality aplenty 🙂

San Diego, California To a first professional conference I go, and see some incredibly smart people share awesome ideas about marketing and sales that are defining the future of ad technology. #TrafficAndConversionsSummit2017

Driving Across the United States from Florida to Oregon One of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences of my life. Driving through the county. Stopping for a week to visit my father in Colorado, continuing the destination and building memories for better or for worse that will always be carried with me.

roadtrip Part One

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Driving to Seattle, WA to see D.J. Taylor In 2012, my older brother Dan moved all the way across the country to live in Seattle Washington and I’ve only seen him a handful of times since then. As soon as it was convenient, I drove my ass all the way up to Seattle to chill with him and immerse myself in his impressively nerdy and reclusive film fan writer lifestyle and spending time with his roommates and city.


And now I am back home in Eugene. New home, new coast, new adventure. Fresh flowers, new humans, big happiness all around.


My life peaked early, now there’s nothing left

Posts tagged as "artists" from the blog

But an automated life. A boring life. Every day, you go to bed. Stare blankly,  turn right, long for cuddles from a cold shoulder. Stare blankly. Turn right.

Fall asleep, eventually. It’s not good quality sleep but you’ll take what you can get.

You just barely wake up every single stupid day and drag yourself to a computer.

With just minutes to spare, slack is open and its 9:01 am.  Type away, consider problems and their solutions. For hours. You feel your body withering away while you earn your “bread” on your ass. Take a break.

Listen to loud music. Eat a light lunch. Go back to work. Stand up for ten minutes every two hours so your body stays healthy. Sit up straight. Brush your teeth.

Wash and brush your hair. Stretching in the morning. Touch your toes, regret it. This is 27. My head hurts because I’m really reaching here and my back hurts because my posture isn’t that great and my smile is probably grimy but I still smile every day at everyone.

Thinking about all of those years of my beautiful, sweet, interesting life. And I’m thinking about that wonderful trait I love about myself where I do whatever I want and I have not any fear.

I think it went away. It’s a muscle I stopped flexing. And I think that is okay too, because those whims don’t need tending to. There is a line, a path, trajectory that I can see now and it’s further away but I’m having fun deciding to carve at it, taking all of my time to invest in something truly sweet.

For now, I’ll keep getting by. Maybe I’m doing the bare minimum. Maybe I’m stressing myself out. It just depends on what day you’ve asked. There’s no structure here, only barely.