Political Depression – Who knew we would be here?

Today sunny and there is a nice gulf breeze constantly kissing my cheek in Tarpon Springs. The time is fifteen minutes past 11:00am and the whirring of construction is nearby and in full swing. Flowers have begun to uncurl and birds and playing along the power lines.

Across the Tampa Bay area, thousands of women are on their way out to downtown St. Petersburg to march in the Women’s March on Washington to protest against the inauguration of Donald J Trump as the 45th President of the United States.


It is a painful reality to confront at 7:45 am as I walk to Hellas to get a cappuccino while my household slept.

The newspaper says there are protests happening with hundreds of thousands of people in around 250 countries.  A small flock of tears are welling in my eyes.  I’m in public and trying hard not to burst but I feel proud as can be for the protestors and their stories.  This is the reality of that future I spent years dreaming of.

Those of us enamored with the idea of technology believed:

Surely the internet will bring the world together. Surely, we will finally have peace and equality for all on the planet.

Learn and love each other for the first time.  And maybe we still might, but the journey will take longer than we knew.

The volume of hate has increased so much. It’s way more hate than we anticipated. When you are raised with it, hate is hard to unlearn.

It was like a punch in the gut, realizing that despite the movement to educate people and promote love and equality, there is still so much hate in the USA. There is a movement in tech to fight this, and because technology has that power this movement shouldn’t be ignored.  But it doesn’t feel like its working.

These companies are investing more in educating the people than any of the government programs. The same programs which have been left collecting dust while we spend trillions of dollars on war and bailing out big banks.

Have a look at LinkedIn’s investing and acquisition of Lynda, the uprising of MOOC culture and sites such as Courser.org , Udemy.com, EdEx.com, and even universities themselves offering training and educational content for free.  The way we teach and learn as a society is evolving because the danger of having and nurturing uneducated masses is more obvious than it ever has been before.

For so long, we allowed systemic gentrification and mass relocation to the massive and growing urban sprawls, meanwhile allowing rural communities to be driven into economic collapse, abandoning them, their education and their future.

I hope we the people of the Unites States of America can really ACTIVATE each other and make a difference in 2020.

We’ve got to stay strong through this presidency.  Fight every step of the way to protect our rights and progress so far.

We need to hold our governments accountable, as they represent us.

We cant stand by and expect politicians to do good,. They haven’t been and they wont.  Decades have gone by with the American publics concerns sidelined in favor of the concerns of big money. These are truly dark and historically significant times and the time is not now to do nothing.

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One thought on “Political Depression – Who knew we would be here?

  1. As long as young people – who are like you – continue to educate themselves and others about the positive possibilities with love and hope, I know that our country will be strong and its people productive. When it is so easy to find the negative in anything and to tear down what others have built, your words are a stepping stone to peace and unity. Please continue to learn, share, and love.


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