millennial new year new me art block bs


I admit it. You got me. I barely ever make art anymore and even less frequently do I write..I miss it. The art block has been real.

The clicking of my fingers to the keyboard and the same 15 bands I’ve loved for ten years now because I’m actually old enough to have loved a band for ten years.

I want to live in this fantasy land and pretend art is my only love in this world and the driver of all of my decisions.

Realistically at this point in my life at age 26, I’d be totally full of shit.

I care about having enough money, and developing skills that are going to be growing in demand. I’m surrounding myself with all these things that are so hard and exhausting that I cant even step outside and have a cup of tea with my creative side.

Maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s that I really don’t feel tormented or like I have something that hurts me and that’s what creates the inspiration for making art for me most of the time, after all.

Whatever this new year -2016 (not two-thousand sixteen, as my close friend Jake would have it) intends to bring to my life, I accept it open arms.

I doubt I will paint more, with a budding career but I do hope to support my art communities locally and internationally, and hope to at least meet my idols. I hope the art block goes away.

For now, I am just happy to exist and to be able to write and engage with the word in all of the interesting ways the internet allows us to do so.

I am going to work hard, build my garden home here in Florida and hopefully have many more fulfilling experiences this year traveling and being in love. And this art block can fuck off.