Good people exist, you should be good too.

Good people exist in America, and in the Middle East too. This is a topic that hurts me right in my soul, so I wrote to Facebook about it.


No one knows what exactly another person goes through until you ask. Even then, it’s a “maybe” that you’d get the true depth of a persons struggles. Ask more.

There are absolutely good people everywhere, and we are all struggling with something. Assuming that everyone is evil does nothing more than allows evil to win. We don’t need it. Earth doesn’t need that.

This was so sweet to me. It made me cry. It’s easy to make me cry, but thats besides the point. This, it’s sweet, and it’s pure. That was a comment from a woman interpreter from Afghanistan.

One of many that have been shafted by the United States Government for many, many years.

A few years ago, I was reading a CNN article on Facebook newsfeed that was about abandoned translators from the War with Afghanistan. These are good Afghani men and women that worked along side the United States military to help them translate.

They did this in exchange for the right to come start a new life in America, away from the constant threats of violence.

After the war, America didn’t keep our promise. No real surprises here. They are stranded in Afghanistan surrounded by locals that want them dead, for what? They did not need to help us. Some might argue that they shouldn’t have helped us. In retrospect, I would certainly agree.

And yet, people in America every day are of the opinion that ALL middle eastern people and ALL Afghani people are evil. I am disgusted and sick of it. There are good brown people. Good Afghans and Iranians and goodness seeped into every country. Good people are everywhere. Not just where you are.

I guess that’s my only point. Its what I wish more people would know.

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