social media: capturing your fleeting feelings

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Do you remember that mood you were in when you took that photo or posted that status update to social media?

That’s the point of it all, I thought. To capture some fleeting memory of a specific way you felt.

That’s the point of applications such as instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Social Media has an obvious modus operandi. That’s the reason why humans do anything. We are so important and everything we’ve ever felt should be documented and shared, what other point could there be to existing in the first place?

I remember all of these little moods. These little things I captured, and never put anywhere. They are private and matter only to me- not to anyone else. It’s my own form of anti-social media. I like to create for me and share with no one. 

As I recall, I pulled over to the side of the road driving around Tampa and surrounding areas. I thought the array of green and blue garden pots was irresistible to me.

I’ve been uploading more photos to the photo section. Check it out, tell me you hate it. Tell me it made you feel something. My art and my photography differ in a lot of ways. One media is extremely bright, colorful, almost obnoxious.

My photography is muted, sad, and of topics that feel grayscale. They contrast greatly to what I place on my canvas. The pinks and greens and blues dancing with eachother into blurs of different colors, almost like opaque silk scarves in the wind. Fluid.