Things I’ve learned about business through art

It’s the last weekend of May and I am just barely making my one-post-a-month blogging commitment but let me tell you: I’ve been having SO MUCH fun working with AdEspresso so far.  This is a journey I could have never, ever predicted I’d be taking right now at this point in my life. Nichole just said to me for years since I was 21 that I’m going to be an “entrepreneur” one day and I just wasted time painting and working odd jobs until she threw this interview in my face and by some miracle of the gods it worked out.

I wasn’t ready but if I’d trusted myself instead of her I’d never be ready so I agreed to work with them despite a few setbacks- mostly being the complete absense of skills in Facebook advertising, in SaaS, in anything, really. I’m a graphic designer with a few udemy course certificates and a neverending addiction to reading business and marketing journals.

I’ve done research enough to know this team worked together from a web development firm into developing this tool together. Theyre friends, they know eachother and the product inside and out and came to the United States to participate in a round of seed funding and joining 500 Startups and people love the product! I have done a number of research on the company, the team, and the competitors and it’s pretty clear to me after 4 months that we have the best product around, and probably the best founding team around. Interviews of these other founders with Facebook advertising platforms give off the obvious “I just want your money” stench but I can tell in every conversation and shared call I’ve been on that our CEO just want to educate people on the power of paid advertising as well as provide a tool to make it easy to do so.

The paralells with art I’ve noticed so far are noticeable and beautiful.  When you create a Facebook advertisement, you are creating a work of art that is designed to produce a desire in a complete stranger. You have to think of who your customers are and what they like. If you aren’t targeting people that would love what you have to offer in a way that flows just enough with their actual newsfeed that it isn’t annoying all the while standing out enough to catch their attention and that is not something you can automate.

It’s something you have to teach. It goes beyond the tool itself, we are educating our users in the art of marketing and business and its such an amazing opportunity! I’m amazed constantly at the power of my words and suggestions to all kinds of people: business owners, consultants, creatives, CEOs and Founders, marketing agencies. We have this power to make their jobs and lives easier and it’s amazing to me. Nerve wrecking and beautiful.

This is my new art. It’s my new obsession. I wake up early in the morning and water my garden in hopes to see a melon and some lily blooms and then I have my coffee and get to work growing something else entirely: our business. our customers business. It makes me happy to do so. It makes me happy to struggle with it and learn from it and I can’t wait to see what kind of a person it ends up turning me into.

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Acrylic art, I am a color wizard.

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