well now

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It’s just been


a strange year, this year.

I did my photoshoot with David Hilton on Saturday. I hope to see him post them all up in the next two weeks! I’ve never actually done modeling with someone that I was not initially a friend of and so I was completely out of my element. It went a good bit better than my DJ stint last week end but either way I am doing my heart a world of good the last few weeks and I look forward to things getting better. These are some of my favorite photos of the last couple of months. Things.

One thought on “well now

  1. A strange, awkward, and oft painful year. But there was a lot of joy too even if it’s sometimes hard to see mixed in there with all the bad. Perhaps the rest will be more resoundingly positive. I hope so.

    I’m really happy to see you making strides forward so consistently in spite of everything that could be stopping you dead. Just keep learning, exploring, and experiencing. Go out there and do right by that heart of yours no matter what. I hope to join you soon!~ <3

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